The What Say Youth podcast series is a youth-led initiative as a follow-up activity from the RTI Virtual Camp held in April 2021. This podcast series is created by ‘Triple Expresso’, a team of 3 young women, discussing current social issues with special guests from the youth activism scene, media, and more.

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What Say Youth sat down with youth activist, Ain Husniza and representative of All Women’s Action Society (AWAM), Allysa, discussing the issue of sexual harassment in Malaysia educational institution, the students’ rights and how media can play a part in combatting this issue.

Episode Two | The Age of the Influencer, Part 1:

Miau Miau, a multi-talented actress and influencer gave What Say Youth a tour of the Malaysian influencers’ circle. They discussed about what makes a person a qualified influencer and how to create content that reach the desired target audience.

Episode Two | The Age of the Influencer, Part 2:

In Part 2, What Say Youth continued the topic with Miau Miau and discussed some controversial events in the Malaysia influencers’ circle and what can be done to create a healthier influencer scene.

In the third episode, What Say Youth spoke to two young athletes that represented Malaysia in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics for the first time ever; badminton top women’s single player Soniia Cheah and gymnast Jeremiah Loo. They shared some interesting stories throughout their sporting career, and how they manage their image as an athlete and a public figure.

In conjunction with International Podcast Day on Sept 30, What Say Youth had a great session with Brandon Ho, a TV host, emcee and also a podcaster. They also looked into his podcasting journey and the podcast industry in Malaysia.